Autism Society of Colorado Social & Support Groups

These groups are not meant to take the place of professional therapy, but rather to give participants an opportunity to discuss topics related to Autism in a healthy and understanding environment. If you have questions about our support groups please email us here. All support groups are virtually free and accessible for Colorado residents and surrounding state residents to attend support groups. All participants must register in order to attend support groups. If your state does not have an Autism Society affiliate, please contact us here. By attending these support groups, ASC Online Peer Groups Policy will be shared and enforced, or disciplinary action is taken to keep these support groups in a healthy and understanding environment. Participants are considered to have provided their consent to agree to the policies of the Autism Society of Colorado. ASC online peer groups have created recommended guidelines as best practices when attending online groups to create a comfortable environment for all individuals. Please read and acknowledge the guidelines when participating in groups.,community%20based%20activity%20or%20outing.