Book: I Deaf-initely Can, Rhett the Heeler

Deaf author. Deaf Illustrator. Deaf Characters. "I Deaf-initely Can, Rhett the Heeler" is a children's book that follows the story of Rhett, a deaf Australian Cattle Dog. Written from his perspective, learn about his experience at the shelter where he meets a deaf girl, Karlie (the author), who adopts him and teaches him sign language. The book highlights Rhett's journey as he overcomes obstacles, learns new skills, and forms meaningful connections with his deaf owner and other animals; showing the world that deaf dogs and people are able. Through Rhett's experiences, the book promotes themes of inclusion, acceptance, and the idea that differences should be celebrated. Rhett's story encourages readers to embrace their own unique qualities and capabilities. Despite his deafness, Rhett learns to navigate the world with determination and resilience. If you want a hardback copy and autographs from Rhett & Karlie head over to their website at to order a hardback copy. Check out @rhett_the_heeler on Instagram and/or Facebook to follow their journey! Author: Karlie Waldrip Illustrator: Lucy Rogers Amazon Affiliate link included