Book: The ABCs of Inclusion: A Disability Inclusion Book for Kids

A #1 new release in children's books and an instant Amazon bestseller in children's books on disability and children's friendship book In this picture book about disabilities, meet 26 real kiddos with diagnoses like autism, hearing loss, epilepsy, and Down syndrome. It teaches young readers that it's okay to be different―in fact, it's what makes us special! Sometimes when you meet a new friend, you might notice they are different from you. Differences can be confusing at first. But when we take the time to learn about our differences, we might find some special ways we are also the same. Based on real children with real disabilities, this inclusion book for kids teaches children that our differences aren't a scary thing! Beth Leipholtz is the hearing mother of a deaf child, raising her son, Cooper, bilingually in both hearing and Deaf cultures. On Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, she has built an online community of more than 1 million people to uplift parents on similar journeys and advocate for inclusion and accessibility. This disability inclusion book for kids introduces children with: hearing loss anxiety autism cerebral palsy Down syndrome epilepsy and more! Elementary school teachers and childcare workers will love using this book to teach children about kids with disabilities with empathy. We live in a big world―let's make it an accepting and accessible one for our children. Author: Beth Leipholtz Illustrator: Anastasiya Kanavaliuk Amazon Affiliate link included