Book: The Cane Kids: Everett and Willow's Journey of Navigating Legal Blindness

Join Everett and Willow, two remarkable kids just like you, in their debut adventure as ‘The Cane Kids.’ Discover the extraordinary world through their unique perspective as they navigate life with a special tool—embracing independence and pride. This heartwarming children’s book inspires readers of any age to believe that with determination, no challenge is too great. Through the eyes of Everett and Willow, learn that life’s journey is full of possibilities, proving that even with differences, we can all live boldly and independently. Image is the cover of Cane Kids. Willow, an African-American teenage girl stands on the left in a pink shirt and light blue jeans. She is holding a long white cane in her right hand and waving with her left hand. Everett, a young boy around eight is standing on the right in an orange shirt and blue jeans. He is holding his cane in his left hand and waving with his right. Both Everett and Willow are standing on a path in what looks like a park with a dirt path and trees. Tall buildings can be seen in the background. Author: Kristen Lang Illustrator: Joe Huffman