Developmental Charts for Blind and Visually Impaired Babies and Children

Watching your child grow and fall behind traditional development charts can be difficult. You understand that it’s normal for blind babies to develop at a slower pace, but how slow is normal… and how slow is too slow? We used three sources (Developmental Guidelines for Infants with Visual Impairment: A Manual for Early Intervention, Helping Children Who are Blind, and Children with Visual Impairments) to compile development charts in five different areas that tell you what skills your blind or visually impaired child should have at certain age groups: -Social & Emotional -Communication -Cognitive -Fine Motor -Gross Motor These are, of course, just guidelines. Use these charts as a checklist so you can identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses. The goal here is that your child always moves forward. All children, especially those with special needs, develop at their own rate, but we always want to see them progressing. Talk to your doctor immediately if you notice your child regressing or moving backward.