ASL University

ASLU is an online American Sign Language curriculum resource center. ASLU provides many free self-study materials, lessons, and information as well as formal tuition-based courses. ASLU has been offering online sign language instruction since 1997. The program began as an effort to support parents of Deaf children living in rural or "outlying" areas without access to sign language classes. You are welcome to self-study from the various publicly available lessons for free. We also have paid options for those who want tracking and documentation. ASLU was founded by Dr. William G. Vicars, Ed.D. (Also widely known as "Dr. Bill"). He earned an accredited doctorate in Deaf Studies / Deaf Education from Lamar University in Texas and taught for nearly three decades including many years as a full-time Professor of American Sign Language and Deaf Studies at California State University - Sacramento. ("ASL University" is not affiliated with the California State University system.) Dr. Bill was born hard of hearing and became Deaf as he got older. He is married to Bee Vicars, MFA, Deaf. ASL University is an "online" school and consultancy -- thus we are "located" in the cloud. However, if you want to take us out to lunch or something, Dr. Bill and Bee (as of this writing) live in Sacramento, California, (US). Dr. Bill and other members of the ASLU instructional team are sometimes available to provide workshops and seminars (world-wide) for schools, businesses, and organizations. Correspondence may be directed to: [Contact info]