PASCO is like family …. That’s what we hear most often from our clients and their families. And it’s no wonder because PASCO founder Barry Rosenberg was instrumental in advocating for the creation of the family C.N.A. in the state of Colorado in 2001. Since that time, PASCO has been focused on servicing the Family Caregiver Model that helps clients of all ages live independently in the community. A guiding principle of PASCO is choice; we help clients live independently within their own homes and community with their caregiver of their choice. PASCO services clients all along the front range of Colorado. Our team consists of incredible nurses, experts in Medicaid eligibility and waivers, as well as advocates for the disability community. PASCO is known for its grassroots efforts in advocating for individuals experiencing disabilities with legislators locally and federally. As a whole, PASCO creates and maintains a community where individuals of all ability levels can pursue and succeed with choice and independence.