Playmaker Project

We are a non-profit, fueled by optimism and joy, and powered by an annual donation of 10% of net profits from the Life is Good Company, along with the generous support of everyday optimists (like you!) who believe in the power of play to help kids heal.  Through Playmakers, the Life is Good Playmaker Project impacts over one million kids every year. Our vision is a world where kids who’ve endured the most devastating circumstances have the relationships and experiences they need to heal, grow, and thrive. We put optimism into practice, providing training and support for a growing network of more than 16,000 professionals who create positive relationships and joy-filled environments that children need to heal, learn and thrive. We're working to grow a bigger, more connected, and more robust network of early childhood professionals around the world who understand the importance of using play to build healing, life-changing relationships to help kids overcome some of life’s most unfair challenges. Our programs are designed for early childhood professionals, but there are many ways to get involved in the movement. We invite you to share our stories, tell folks in your own networks about the power of play, or donate to help us expand our community of practice.