We love Occupational Therapists! It may seem strange for some adults to think of OTs working with children. As the name may suggest, OTs help adults return to their normal occupations. To many people this means their job. However, in the land of rehabilitation it means more like “things that we work on.” In the case of kids, they are working on learning how to move their body, how to use their hands and fingers better, and how to use the potty instead of diapers, as a few examples. OTs can work with children on all of these things, helping them become more independent, helping them access their environment, helping them develop new skills. For these reasons we are excited every April to find the nearest Occupational Therapist to say, thank you for all you do!

If your kiddo is struggling with using his spoon, needs help with potty training, or if you have any other questions about how to support your kiddo’s growth and development reach out for an evaluation. Our therapists at Kid Physical have over 32 combined years experience offering specialized, holistic healthcare for children of all ages. Our top priority is providing support for both caregivers and children so that they can reach their highest potential.