Many of us have spent an hour, a morning, or maybe even a whole day baking in the kitchen. It’s a way to provide nourishment for ourselves and our families. However, more than just food comes out of the kitchen. There are different sounds, smells, sights, and textures in this room than any other in the house. So be sure to explore all of those things with your kiddos. If your kiddo is visually impaired, you may want to be more intentional about narrating the more subtle things happening. If your kiddo is deaf or hard of hearing, this may be a great time to offer new language and associate it with different smells or textures. For all developing kiddos, cooking and baking are perfect times to learn about sequencing and doing tasks in a specific order. And don’t forget to talk about kitchen safety!

Attached is an easy, three-ingredient recipe for cookies that can awaken a variety of senses along with descriptions of how to encourage sensory exploration with more than just the eyes. Try it out and let us know how your kiddo responds.

Tickle-Me-Pink Cookies Recipe from A Shared Vision