For kiddos with visual impairment, we want to do what we can help them access the vision they have. Because of this we often used lighted toys and ones that are musical or make noise to help get their attention and encourage them to visually search for the toys. Therefore many of the toys suggested light up and play songs. As kiddos learn to use their vision better, we may suggest changing to toys that are bright colors, visually appealing and offer movement or the appearance of movement but don’t make noise so that we can really see that they are using their vision to access the toys instead of their hearing and vision together. This list has that same progression and is, by no means, exhaustive. We also encourage exploring a variety of textures with their feet and then hands, depending upon their tolerance, especially for those kiddos who are going to use their feet and hands as a significant part of how they discriminate toys and objects. Feel free to share with us toys that you find your kiddo enjoys.

High Contrast Soft Books

Simple Board Books

Light Up Tambourine

Slinky/Coil Spring Toy

Light Up Wand

Musical Light Up Ball Toy

Light Up Musical Arch

Sensory Tubes

Lighted Bubble Tubes

Touch and Feel Books

Braille ABC Blocks

Braille Math Blocks

Kitty Night Light

Light Up Pop Fidget Tubes

Sensory Mini Mats

Flashing LED Maracas

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