As an all-inclusive, welcoming, and accepting club, people of all ages with disabilities can come to feel their best and grow together. Members across the spectrum get to experience a safe haven to explore and satisfy their sensory needs in a safe, nurturing, and fun environment. We encourage growth and positivity through the use of our unique sensory gym and multi-sensory environments.

The Sensory Club has an open-gym concept that features various therapeutic equipment. Members are encouraged to explore the gym and have fun. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to facilitate and guide members as it best fits their therapists’ recommendations and/or sensory diet.

A multi-sensory environment (MSE) is a dedicated room where sensory stimulation can be controlled to fit the perceived motivation, interest, leisure, relaxation, therapeutic, and/or educational needs of the user.

Whether you’re looking for an exciting location to celebrate a birthday, plan a class field trip or gather a group together, TSC has it covered! Each location makes every effort to include the local special needs community and collaborate with like-minded organizations to host fun events for our members and guests!

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