This kiddo has a rare condition called Hydranencephaly. Because of the malformation of her brain, she has Cortical Visual Impairment, meaning her brain does not process what her eyes see in a normal way. She needs help maintaining her range of motion, but that doesn’t have be done without adding some fun. In this video you will see that we add music/song to help keep her engaged and we add body awareness with touching parts of her own body while going through function range of movement patterns. You will notice in the video that despite having a tracheostomy, she attempts to speak and sing along. Although she has a speaking valve, it is not always appropriate to use as she definitely finds it harder to breath while using. We also work on rolling which should be initiated with a head turn and since she has torticollis with preferred left rotation we start rolling to the left. You will notice that the therapist narrates almost constantly. This is especially important with patients with visual impairment but also beneficial for those still learning how to communicate.