This is a girl with visual impairment due to Leber Congenital Amaurosis who is learning how to get on her rocking horse all by herself. She has labeled this toy Wim-o-way and she loves to rock back and forth for long periods of time. However, for a long time she needed our help to get on and off. Initially we encouraged her to touch and feel the toy in order to build a mental picture of the parts of this toy. Then we started helping her get on, labeling different parts and helping her learn the steps involved in the task. Now she is able to walk across the room to the rocking horse and get on herself so that she can enjoy the fun whenever she wants. This task requires orientation to her environment and the toy, mobility to gain access to the toy, body awareness to know where she is in space in relationship to the toy, motor planning to understand the steps involved in getting onto the toy.