This is a girl with a rare chromosomal disorder called Smith-Kingsmore Syndrome causing visual impairment who is learning how to use her vision to engage with people and her environment. As part of her syndrome, she has macrocephaly (a head that is larger than normal) and so struggles to control her head. She is using a borrowed chair that has allowed her to try to access her postural control muscles more and try to turn her head to see things more. She also has visual impairment and so we are using a bright colored toy with music and movement to gain her interest. You can also see that she has a button/switch on her tray. She has been learning to use buttons to access toys and to communicate with others over the past couple of months. The button is placed off to her side in order to reduce accidental contact but not so far too the side that it wouldn’t be within her available reach. You will also see that she seeks proprioceptive input, as seen by her drumming her hands against her mouth. You can also hear her attempting to verbalize at one point during the video.