There are a variety of video channels available for learning and practicing your American Sign Language (ASL). This list is by no means exhausitve but instead is meant to give you a variety of options for exposing yourself and your family to ASL. Books and stories are a fun way to do this.

American Society for Deaf Children emphasizes language access, early identification, and access.

ASL Nook has a wide variety of ASL videos organized by topic.

CSDB ASL Stories for Families provides instruction in sign along with support for vision loss. There are a wide variety of stories to keep everyone engages.

Iowa School for the Deaf – Outreach Department signs stories and models how to sign stories for early readers/signers.

The Learn How To Sign channel does not have stories but does offer a lot of exposure to vocabulary.

PineappleAndCheese is a channel based in Deaf education and advocacy emphasizing early ASL acquisition and growth.

Rocky Mountain Deaf School in Colorado has fun stories signed for kids to keep them engaged and learning new language skills.

Texas School for the Deaf Statewide Outreach Center Videos has a wide variety of videos from ASL signed books to training to parent perspectives.